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Alan Barnes - saxophones, clarinet

Bruce Adams - trumpet

Mark Nightingale - trombone

Robert Fowler - saxophones & clarinet

Karen Sharp - saxophones & clarinet

David Newton - piano

Simon Thorpe - bass

Clark Tracey - drums

This full-length musical/literary performance explores the characters, atmosphere and stories of Sherlock Holmes by means of readings, commentary, and a set of brilliant original jazz compositions.

The composer, lead soloist, and narrator is Alan Barnes; a multi-award-winning multi-instrumentalist who, has created the Sherlock Holmes Suite.

Performed by an all-star group, the musical portraits depict Dr Watson, Moriarty, the Tiger of San Pedro, the Baker Street Irregulars, “the footprints of a gigantic hound”, and of course Holmes himself. 


The music is descriptive:

The Dancing Men is a dance macabre for stick men and woodwind, The Hound of the Baskervilles is set for baying trombone as Sir Henry runs for his life, and Moriarty, the Nemesis of Homes, justifies his sinister Ellingtonian march.

Barnes likes to say that he discovered Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Parker at the same time in his life. And in his imagination the pea-soupers of London’s Baker Street meld seamlessly into the reefer-smoke of the basement clubs of New York’s 52nd Street.

The narration by Barnes (of whom, the Guardian has said “he could be a comedian, if jazz ever fails him”) is humorous yet full of affection for these unique characters and stories.

There has been a flurry of interest in the Homes legend-two modern day versions on the television and a new film in the offing!

This event is un-missable for anyone who likes Sherlock Holmes, swinging jazz, intrigue and mystery.

Hail a Hansom or flag a cab – the game is afoot!

221B NarrationAlan Barnes - A Sherlock Holmes Suite
00:00 / 01:42
221B Alan Barnes - A Sherlock Holmes Suite
00:00 / 00:44
The Baker Street IrregularsAlan Barnes - A Sherlock Holmes Suite
00:00 / 02:39
Grimpen MireAlan Barnes - A Sherlock Holmes Suite
00:00 / 01:34
Watson SpeaksAlan Barnes - A Sherlock Holmes Suite
00:00 / 01:05
A three-pipe problemAlan Barnes - A Sherlock Holmes Suite
00:00 / 01:07
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